Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Craziest Fan Tattoos Ever Seen

Thanks to Miley Cyrus Tattoo Guy (MCTG, for short?), we’ve been unable to stop noticing crazy celebrity tattoos on the Interwebs. So hide yo kids, ‘cause these folks are taking fandom to a permanent (and terrifying!) place:

Demi Lovato
We’re all true Lovatics, but even still, you’d think a true fan would get a tattoo that actually looks like Demi !Maybe “Skyscraper” really spoke to this guy?

We hope these Gleeks are just as thrilled with their lip wear after the last curtain call!

Honestly though, we have no words.

The worst part? This one’s on Steve-O’s own back!

They say that you should never wear the tee shirt of the band you’re seeing in concert — so why would you wear the tattoo FOREVER?

Robert Pattinson
Is it just us, or does it seem like everything was just swell until the left side was completed?

Nicki Minaj
Think her Minajesty was hoping that not only would her biggest fan get a tattoo of her, but also post a YouTube video of the experience? Because that’s not creepy at all…

So that just goes to show you, guys: Think twice before getting inked. After all, you never know what might look crazier: You, or your tattoo! Would you ever think to ink your fave celeb? Which of these tats is the worst?

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