Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scarlett Johansson reveals ‘I heart NY' tattoo

Scarlett Johansson
SCARLETT Johansson is in a New York state of mind, judging by a new tattoo the starlet revealed while promoting The Avengers this weekend in Italy.
Those studying Johansson closely at a photocall in Rome on Saturday might have thought that the actress was simply wearing two bracelets around her right wrist.
But closer examination reveals that while the 27-year-old actress slipped on a green and gold bracelet, a second chain encircling her wrist is actually tattooed on.
The tattoo appears almost like a rosary, with an inked charm dangling onto the star's hand. The anvil-like charm features the phrase "I (heart) NY" in tiny letters.
Johansson's love of New York makes sense. The actress was not only born in New York City, but also lives there. She is currently dating New York ad executive Nate Naylor.
This is not Johansson's first tattoo. She has a colourful sunset inked on her left forearm, as well as a simple black design above her ankle.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos Delivers Permanent Solutions

Airbrush tattoos are professional looking tattoos that can be aren’t long term. Airbrush Tattoo artists Whizz Temporary Tattoos are commonly seen at parties and festivals. Whizz airbrush tattoo artists make such great looking designs it’s hard to tell they’re not real from a distance.
Unique and colorful designs are drawn onto the skin surface with a stencil and an effective ink delivering tool. The designer has complete control over every aspect of the procedure. For instance, the decision to widen or narrow, enlarge or decrease certain areas of the tattoo lies with the discretion of the one who holds the airbrush.
Airbrush tattoos have been around for many years. This form of art design is mainly used for entertainment, marketing and advertising purposes. It is the safest and quickest way to get a message across without using permanent ink dye. There is a process to receiving professional looking tattoos. The tools the artist uses are the same tools that a professional tattoo shop uses and the results are about the same. The only major difference is the ink.
What turns most customers off to the idea getting a tattoo is pain and risk. The idea of airbrushing is to provide a safe and pain free tattooing experience that delivers temporary results without a permanent commitment.
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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Getty Images
The women who populate this list aren’t just your average ladies with a little ink. These women are hot, hardcore and not afraid of the stigma that comes with etching permanent markings on their bodies. We’re not saying that all the women here have made the wisest choices when it comes to inking their skin (hint: relationships are not always as permanent as tattoos) but when done right, tattoos can give starlets an added level of sex appeal.


Getty Images
This sexy star has over a dozen tattoos, which to our dismay are usually covered up with makeup onscreen. The actress sports tattoos from a variety of dialects including Arabic script, a Buddhist incantation, and a Latin phrase – we’re not sure what the translations are but we’re guessing it says something along the lines of “I’m ridiculously good looking” in their respective languages. We think the sexiest tattoo Jolie has is the Bengal Tiger inked on her back – less sexy was the Billy Bob tattoo on her arm she was briefly married to the actor from 2000-2003 (it has since been removed.)


Getty Images
If the body is a canvas, Fox’s is covered in paint. Fox has eight confirmed tattoos that range from Marilyn Monroe’s portrait on her inner right forearm, to a yin and yang symbol on her left wrist. The blue-eyed bombshell also has the first name of her now husband, Brian Austin Green on her lower hip and while we support the placement – we’re not sure we support the content. We’re thinking Guyspeed’s logo would look much better there.


Getty Images
Wood holds her own in the contest for coverage against pros Jolie and Fox. The eccentric actress, who spent many years coupled with Marilyn Manson, has nine tattoos to her name. Two of the tattoos are odes to children’s books – she has a Shel Silverstein drawing on her back and a Dr. Seuss Lorax inspired tattoo below her left breast (because breasts and Dr. Seuss go together like Chinese food and chocolate pudding.) She’s also got some Edgar Allen Poe ink. With all the literary tattoos she’s got going on, if she’s part of a book club we’d love to join.


Getty Images
Sexy songstress Pink may take the cake when it comes to tattoos. Maybe it’s part of her rocker chick facade but she has upwards of 25 tattoos in various locations on her bod (which we feel necessary to mention is very fit.) Her tattoos include but are not limited to: “Mr. Pink” on her left inner thigh, a bar code on the back of her neck, a portrait of her dog Elvis on her arm, a bow on the back of each leg, a frog on her left foot, and a red heart on her big toe – to name a few.


Getty Images
Allen is another singer who boasts quite the catalog of tattoos. We’re guessing because of some of the interesting pieces of art she had inked on her body that they may have been done in her hay-day of boozing and partying (pre-motherhood, marriage, and settling down.) Another indicator to support this hypothesis is that the star has a matching tat with Lindsay Lohan, the word “Shhh” tattooed on her index finger. Based on their histories, we’re sure when this occurred the two girls were completely sober. Another tattoo features a Homer Simpson face, and a barking dog. Why not.


Getty Images
Not including High Voltage tattoo shop owner and LA ink TV personality Kat Von D on a list featuring hot women with tattoos would be absolutely ludacris. The babe may a pro when it comes to giving tattoos, but she’s definitely no stranger to receiving them. Donning stars on her face, Von D is legitimately covered from head to toe. The righteous artist says her favorite tattoos include a portrait of her father on her forearm, and a heart inked in the palm of her hand. She’s probably not that stoked on the tattoo she got of Jesse James’ face on her side, shortly before the two broke off their engagement.


Getty Images
Joining the ranks of women with impressive vocal abilities, ink, and babe status is powerhouse Christina Aguilera. The star has “Xtina” on the back of her neck, two Hebrew themed tattoos, and “Te Amo Siempre” on her left forearm (Spanish for “I love you forever.”) She’s also got a Mickey Mouse tattoo, totally appropriate to commemorate her Mouseketeer days, but we think her below the belt bikini line territory is an odd placement. The singer also reportedly has some scandalous piercings in addition to her ink.


Getty Images
Longoria has never been shy about her tattoos; the sultry Latina actress has several that we can see – 3 of which she got before splitting with cheating ex-husband Tony Parker (seriously, who cheats on Eva Longoria?) that included their wedding date in roman numerals, his jersey number, and the initials “T.P.” in a place that apparently only Parker himself knew. While we think maybe she’s got ink to remove, we sure hope she replaces it with some fresh lines because we like the look of a tattooed Longoria.


Getty Images
While her tattoos probably aren’t the first thing you notice when you look at this former Baywatch babe and Playmate, she’s got some of the simplest and sexiest tattoos we’ve seen. Anderson has a ring finger tattoo that used to say “Tommy” (for Motley Crue ex-husband Tommy Lee) that she changed to “Mommy” after their divorce, a tasteful back piece, and most notably – barbed wire around her left upper arm. While that tattoo would make most women appear straight off the prison yard, on Anderson it’s somehow sexy.


Getty Images
The last babe on this list is perhaps one of the sexiest women alive – we’re talking about music sensation Rihanna. At the young age of 24, she’s already worked up a collection that makes us wonder if the singer is going to rival Kat Von D in a couple of years. Rihanna has a music note on her ankle, the word “love” ironically on her middle finger, a trail of stairs down her back, a handgun in her right rib area, her astrology sign behind her right ear, and “Thug Life” across her knuckles. The star is reported to have 16 total tattoos.

Airbrush Tattoos, All Of The Fun Without The Pain

There is no denying the fact that tattoos are everywhere. People around the world are choosing to adorn their bodies with ink. Special symbols and quotes are used to let others know a little bit about the person they are seeing. For those who want to try out these pieces of body art, but are reluctant, airbrush tattoos may be the answer.
Airbrush tattoos allow you to get the look and feel of a tattoo, without the pain. Even more importantly for some, without the permanency. With a traditional tattoo it is not easy to go back. Getting rid of a tattoo, that sounded good at the time, but in actuality was a bad choice, involves an expensive procedure. Not so with airbrush tattoos.
Another benefit to air brush tattoos is the fact that your tattoo will never be a hindrance to your career. While it is true that tattoos are more popular than ever, there are still businesses that frown upon them. These companies often have rules that stipulate a tattoo much be covered and out of sight.
Airbrush tattoos allow you to break out of your shell while on vacation or for a long weekend. You can adorn your body with the design of your choice. You get a feel for how it would feel to have a tattoo. When you return home ready to head back to work, you are able to easily remove your tattoo.
Unlike in the past, when a temporary tattoo looked fake and had a poor quality, airbrush tattoos do not. These tattoos are just as stunning as the real thing. This type of tattoo will usually last for between three and five days. However, they can be removed sooner, if desired. Many traditional tattoo shops now offer airbrush tattoos as an additional service. Simply look through the catalog of designs, and choose one to get started.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Grazia airbrush away Megan Fox's tattoo

Now you see it, now you don't
A Hollywood actress with humungous back tattoos is always going to cause problems for antsy magazine art directors (and film directors who have to haul in the biggest vats of concealer known to man when they want someone to portray an innocent country girl and they have 'Up Yours' tattooed across their shoulders). The folk at French Grazia obviously didn't think this through though when commissioning Megan Fox to be their cover star.
They stuck the actress in a back-baring dress by Armani which perfectly showed off the two whopping quotes etched onto her skin (neither of which are 'Up Yours')...And then photoshopped one off on the cover.
That was some quick laser tattoo removal
Her Shakespeare quote from King Lear, "We will all laugh at gilded butterflies", was kept in while the German philosopher Nietzche's musings ("and those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music") were edited out.  
And it's not as if people don't know the tatt is there, as they left it in when they replicated the shot inside the magazine.
Hang on! It's BACK (geddit?)
Why put her in a back-baring dress if you don't want to show her tattoos, eh? Or just show her front on the cover - it's not a bad view, we promise.
Megan Fox has 8 tattoos, but is getting the one of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm lasered off. She explained last year, "I'm removing it. It is a negative character as she suffered from personality disorders and was bipolar. I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."
How about photoshopping? Do you want to attract that into your life, hmm...?

Monday, 9 April 2012


Cheryl Cole - Cheryl Cole's new tattoo sitting took 11 hours - Cheryl Cole tattoo - Cheryl Cole new tattoo - Cheryl Cole tattoo National TV Awards - Celebrity News - Marie Claire - Marie Claire UK
Cheryl Cole caused an almighty stir when she stepped out in a daring backless dress at theNational TV Awards on Wednesday. But it wasn’t the figure-hugging black Versace number that got people talking – it was the huge new tattoo on her back.
Now it’s been revealed the new inking took a whopping 11 hours to perfect, at a studio in LA.
We first caught sight of Cheryl’s sprawling design during X Factor rehearsals late last year, with sources claiming the inking could have been added to the butterfly tattoo she already had on her back - the second part of a pattern on her thigh.
Now it’s thought the huge new tattoo – spread across her lower back – took a whole day to create, at famous Los Angeles parlour, Shamrock Social Club.
And according to insiders, Mrs C created the new design to signify a new start in her life, following her traumatic split from cheating hubby Ashley. 
<a href=
According to the Mirror, Cheryl told friends: 'The tattoo is deeply personal. It took weeks to come up with the final design,'adding, 'It has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a fresh start and my new independence.'
Despite the size of the design, it seems the star was determined to finish the new tattoo in one sitting, and only broke once, to eat some lunch.
'The sitting itself was pretty painful but I was determined to get it done in one hit. I didn’t cry once,' Mrs C reportedly revealed.
<a href=
shows off new tattoo at National Television Awards - Cheryl Cole Tattoo - Celebrity Tattoos - National Television Awards - National TV Awards - National TV Awards pics - Celebrity News - Marie Claire" title="Cheryl Cole - PICS: Cheryl Cole shows off new tattoo at National Television Awards - Cheryl Cole Tattoo - Celebrity Tattoos - National Television Awards - National TV Awards - National TV Awards pics - Celebrity News - Marie Claire">
What are your thoughts on Cheryl’s new tattoo? Love or hate? Let us know in the comments box below.

Embrace the celebrity tattoos look alike

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Rihanna-Celebrity Tattoo Photos
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Russell Brand Removes Tattoo?

Supporting our theory that even at their worst, celebrity divorces are never as hard as the ones that the rest of us go through; Rock of Ages and Lamb of God star Russell Brand has apparently continued his process of getting over Katy Perry by getting his matchingtattoo covered up. Brand recently divorced the “Part of Me” singer after a somewhat briefmarriage, but was left with a Sanskrit tattoo on his right inner-arm that translated to “go with the flow”and matched that of Perry. While us normal folk have to go out and get a poor looking tribal cover-up for our ill-conceived ink, Brand can afford to go to one of the best, Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Tattoo , where he showed up late night recently to browse some designs and talk tats with the popular artist. It’s unclear what work he had done, but numerous sources have stated that he got the Sanskrit covered up with a more favorable and less Perry-inspiring design. We never thought we’d say this, but we can’t wait to see him shirtless again so we can see the new ink.