Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Famous People With Stupid Tattoos

Tattoos are very common, almost everyone has one and everyone knows
that tattoos are forever. Sure, you can get laser removal but that's expensive
and is extremely painful. These celebrities (even though they could afford
the laser treatment) have opted to keep these tattoos, these silly,
meaningless, sometimes downright ridiculous tattoos. Here is a list of
the worst celebrity tattoos.

Mark Wahlberg

Can Mark Wahlberg just stop?
Walberg has his own intials, MW, along with his last name tattooed on his upper 
arm in case he forgets it.

Travis Barker

Travis Barker has what is referred
 to in the tattoo world as a "body suit"pretty self explanatory. What lands him
 the list is his obsession with Cadillac,he has the word tattooed down his ribs and
symbol on his chest. I guess buying cars just wasn't enough.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie tattooed the word "virgin"
 on her wrist, she says because her astrological sign is a Virgo and Virgos
 are represented by the virgin.Why she didn't get a tattoo that
 said "Virgo" or even a picture of Virgo the Virgin doesn't quite make
 sense to me, thus landing her on the list.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson has this tattoo on her
lower abdomen, it's hard to see in the picture but that tattoo is Minnie performing oral 
sex on Mickey.Jackson said, "I have a tattoo on my most private part of Mickey and 
Minnie Mouse involved in a sexual act.It's my sense of humour. My boyfriend thinks 
it's terrible. He loves Disney too much, but I just laugh. It's fun." Fun? No. Stupid? Yes.


After her very public beating Rihanna
decided to get a tattoo, she picked a gun. While being a gun enthusiast is just fine getting
a violent image etched on your body, after a violent attack,while you're a role model for
millions of young girls, isn't the smartest decision.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber started getting tattoos
at the ripe old age of 16. Yes, an age at which it is illegal to get tattoos, but that's beside
the point, Biebs has three tattoos so far and all of them have a theme: religion. It's common
knowledge that the bible and religions in general frown on marking your body.But he's
Justin Bieber and he does what he wants,so the Biebs has a dove tattooed on his pelvis, 
a portrait of Jesus on his calf,and Jesus' name tattooed in Hebrew down his side.
I submit all three of this into the "stupid tattoo" category on the grounds of overkill, 
and the fact that they are on Justin Bieber a person who is in no way cool enough or 
tough enough to have one tattoo let alone three.

 Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere loves showing off
her tattoo, only problem is that tattoo is misspelled. Hayden meant to get the Italian phrase
 "Vivere senza rimipianti "which means "to live without regrets".But the artist added an extra 
"t" in rimipianti, I bet she regrets that tattoo.

 Jessica Alba

It's one thing to have a tramp stamp,
it's another to have a bulls-eye.Jessica Alba has this pretty pink bow...right above her 
booty.Another tattoo that seems pretty self-explanatory.

 Megan Fox

Megan Fox has eight tattoos and
the stupidest one has to be the tattoo located on her pelvis next to her "pie", as she
likes to call it.Fox got her husband's nametattooed on her in a very delicate area,
everyone knows what a good idea it is to tattoo a person's nameon your body.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has so many tattoos
that the meaning is probably lost on most of them. There are two that bring her to this
list, one is the large.black cross on her lower abdomen,Jolie has said that she drunkenly
got a tattoo one night and when she woke up sober in the morning it was no longer
"appropriate" so she covered it up. She said it was "all symbolic, and it was a good
thing, nothing dark."The second tattoo to put her on the list is the Latin phrase right
next to the cross, it reads:"Quod me nutrit me destruit" which means 
"what nourishes me, destroys me". Angelina has never been one to hide her issues,
 but this is a bit much.

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