Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Young Celebrity Tattoos: Rebellion or Rite of Passage?

Miley looks like the girl next door here. Who would have guessed she has five tattoos?

What's all the fuss over young celebrities and their tattoos? Just this week, Vanessa Hudgens appeared on "Lopez Tonight" to promote her new movie, "Sucker Punch," and the conversation quickly turned from talk about her role in "High School Musical" to her new hard-core character in the movie. Lopez quizzed Hudgens about her new neck ink, as the former Disney star flashed her fresh butterfly tattoo. The 22-year-old actress did not get the design for the movie, though. She explained that the butterfly represented the Spanish word "mariposa," and that it is connected to the name Vanessa.
Tattoos on young celebrities are becoming more common. In fact, there are several young icons that have been inked as teenagers. Are these famous celebs following what is in fashion, rebelling against the status quo, or simply celebrating a rite of passage?
Demi Lovato, fresh out of a treatment facility in early 2011, is sporting tattoos that display the words "stay" on her left wrist and "strong" on her right, followed by a heart. She said the tattoos are a way to remember the Lovatics who supported her during a difficult time, and to remind herself and fans that things can get better. Demi's first tattoo, however, was revealed right before she turned 17. It is located on her rib cage and reads, "You make me beautiful," the lyrics from a song by contemporary Christian artist, Bethany Dillon. The "Camp Rock" star's tattoos obviously hold special meaning for her.
Justin Bieber is another well-known celeb who was branded for a 16th birthday celebration. The Biebs' tattoo, the outline of a seagull from the novella "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," appears on his left hip. JB's ink is apparently a rite of passage, and this particular image is a family tradition.
Miley Cyrus is on her fifth tattoo to date. In February 2011, the 18-year-old actress was seen with adream catcher image embellishing her rib cage. Her latest design represents her four siblings. All of Cyrus' tattoos carry specific significance to her. The former "Hannah Montana" star's first inking, a rib-script of the words "just breathe," appeared in late 2009 when she was just 17.
According to a Rolling Stone interview with 23-year-old songstress Rihanna, the personal allure of getting tattoos may come from a pleasure-pain principle she sees in certain unfavorable circumstances in her own life.
With all this permanent pen action coming from the under-25 crowd of young Hollywood, who will be next in line for some body art?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

If Halle Berry Had Tattoos…

You ever wonder what one of the world’s most beautiful women would look like covered in tattoos? Well thanks to our advanced “internet search” technology(don’t worry, someday we will all have it), we now know that Halle Berry looks amazing covered in ink, and that if she decided to go for a full body suit of body art, she’d still be just as gorgeous as ever. The Monster’s Ball, Frankie and Alice, Dark Tide, New Years Eve, and Cloud Atlas star doesn’t have any work done in real life (at least tattoo wise, she appears to have had some plastic surgery in her past), but we now that if she makes a random change of style in her mid-fourties, she’s still going to be way too classy for any of us to ever have a shot with. Although, we can dream that if she just got covered ink head to toe out of nowhere, she’d also be changing her taste in men, so maybe we could at least get a smile out of her, and if we’re lucky, she’d drop that stupid restraining order…jeez, you hide in one tree…

Monday, 19 December 2011

Kids Temporary Tattoos

One of our most popular options for parties and events is our airbrush tattoo service. We currently have 450 full-color tattoo designs with everything from Hello Kitty to Tribal art. We also have a Special Collection of designs upon request, however, these take longer to apply which means we cannot guarantee our standard minimum 40-45 tattoos per hour. We can also help you with Custom stencils for your special events. We have been a trusted provider of Airbrush tattoos for many years, offering the very best in family oriented fun for every type of party. Guests can enjoy having a temporary tattoo airbrushed right onto their skin  that will stay beautiful and realistic for 2-7 days. Guests of all ages love them!
Airbrush Tattoo Dinosaur Bay Area

Tattoo Designs

We have found that people of all ages line up for temporary tattoos. With this in mind, we offer designs that are suitable for all ages and events. Classic tattoo designs such as hearts, tribal bands and anchors; popular characters, animals and symbols—we have hundreds of design choices sure to please guys, girls, moms, kids and grandparents! You might be surprised who you see at our booth getting “inked.”

How it Works

When you’ve chosen your design and the spot you’d like it applied, our Whizz Tattoo airbrush artist will apply these temporary tattoos using a  an airbrush gun capable of producing 9 colors (pink and purple included!). Our airbrush artist will then apply a stencil and spray your tattoo right onto your skin. The entire process takes a few seconds to about one minute, so the hardest part is picking your design! Each professional airbrush tattoo artist can produce at least 40 full-color airbrush tattoos per hour. If you are having a LARGE event, Whizz Tattoos can provide up to 10 airbrush artists at a time.

Give Us A Call Today to Book Your Event!

Call us now at 07718 988811 to book your party with the best Whizz tattoo artists!

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my tattoo last? How can I make it last longer?
Our professionally applied airbrush tattoos will stay beautiful for 2-7 days, depending on where you choose to place it and how you care for it after the event. In order to make your tattoo last longer, you can follow these tips:
  • Before you even get your tattoo, you can choose to have your tattoo applied to an area that isn’t constricted by or rubbed by clothes, such as under the waistband of your pants or under the seam of your shirt on your shoulder.  Also consider activities that might cause more friction against an area, such a ball glove or towel wrapped around your neck at the gym, and avoid having your tattoo placed in these areas.
  • After your tattoo  is applied, don’t use body oil over the area, as this will remove your tattoo  by releasing the bond of the paint to your skin. You can also apply powder, such as cornstarch or baby powder, over your tattoo daily to prevent oils from building up and shortening the life of your design.
  • We use high quality, waterproof paints made especially for tattoos, however, swimming can shorten the length of time your tattoo stays adhered to your skin. A dip in the pool won’t remove your tattoo, but prolonged swimming will. Avoid long soaks in the pool or hot tub.
  • You can wash your skin normally while your tattoo is in place, but don’t scrub with exfoliating soaps or products that contain alcohol, oils or heavy lotions. Keep your tattoo fresh by avoiding that area when you apply these items.
What kind of paints do you use? Are they safe?
The inks that we use for our Whizz airbrush tattoos are made especially for application to the skin. They are  non-toxic and each ingredient is  FDA approved and made of cosmetic grade ingredients.
How can I remove my airbrush tattoo?
While our tattoos are designed to last several days on most people, if you need to remove them, it’s simple to do. Just rub the tattoo with baby oil or use rubbing alcohol to rub the tattoo off.
Anyone can get temporary airbrush tattoos! That’s the fun of them! They are easy and fast to apply, and offer a better looking alternative to rub on temporary tattoos, which can look shiny and crack easily.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Celebrity Tattoos Gone Bad

By Jon Warech
With "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" in theaters next week, we are reminded that there is something so permanently awesome about a really bad tattoo. From having an ex's name removed to facial impressions that are here to stay, check out these celebrities who had tattoos that went ink-redibly wrong.
A big Marilyn Monroe fan, Fox had the blond bombshell's face tattooed on her forearm when she was 18 years old. What the "Transformers" actress, now 25, isn't a fan of is personality disorders and bipolar behavior -- which Monroe suffered from -- so she's getting the tat removed. She told FHM, "I do not want to attract this kind of negative energy in my life."

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Celebrity Tattoos: Heidi Klum tattoo for Seal still fashionable?

Want design tips about getting a tattoo? Look to super model Heidi Klum to inspire you. She got a love tatt of her husband Seal’s name tattooed on her arm, but even though it was trendy to get at the time she got it, a decade later it will still look cool. How did she decide what to get inked and where? We’ll tell you…
Photo Celebrity Tattoos: Heidi Klum tattoo for Seal still fashionable? Celebrity tattoos are all the rage in Hollywood, and no celeb has their finger more on the pulse of what is fashionable than Project Runway host Heidi Klum. The mother of four might be getting older, but her love tattoo of her husband Seal‘s name on her arm — like her — will surely age in a way that looks beautiful.
When considering what type of tattoo to get, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want the ink to look just as chic now as it does 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years from now. The first consideration is placement. The second consideration is style. The third consideration is theme (meaning, if you have other artwork or plan to have more tattoo work done in years to come that you have to make a decision about your overall appearance goals as a thematic tattoo style).
When considering placement of a tattoo, Heidi Klum chose wisely. Whether she gains weight or not as she ages, the Seal tattoo on her forearm should never stretch in a way that gets stretch marks or would distort the tatt considerably. Because the ink runs up the inside of her forearm, her arm tattoo is also not overwhelmingly obvious. If people don’t know she has it, she can easily hide it or make it less obvious by paying attention to her body posture. She can also cover it with a long sleeve evening gown, sweater, jacket, or blouse should she be attending a function someplace where the tattoo look is out. Heidi took the time to
When choosing the style of a tattoo, obviously the best ones will have personal meaning for you. But aside from what they may (or may  not) represent, people who take the time to carefully consider the aesthetic design elements they want included in their tattoo work as well as who does the art always, ALWAYS come out with cooler looking tatts.
When figuring out the style of any tattoo, remembering that you are the person who has to wear the artwork on your skin for all eternity. For that reason alone, never let anyone else select your tattoo for you. While you  or well-meaning friends and family might pick out a particular design in a tattoo flash book they think looks cool, getting a tattoo impulsively seldom turns out well. Take the time to draw your concept, then be willing to pay to have a local artist sketch it. Once they do, take the art home and really look at it. Live with the though of it for a while before you do it… and by all means, make sure the design perspectives can be adjusted for your body curves (an art trick good tattoo artists know how to do). Remember, what looks great on paper never looks the same once you apply it to the curves on your body. Make the design style (including color) match your figure and the tone of your skin.
And before you forget… pick a theme. If your favorite tattoos feature a hodgepodge or haphazard look where tattoos are gotten impulsively and placed without a plan, start saving money now because there will (most likely) be  a need for some coverup work in your future. A successful tattoo theme might include a full sleeve in black and white or a back piece that is colorful and grows out around a central design. An all-American classic tattoo theme is timeless chic, while an assortment of Asian inspired tattoos look contemporary without ever being dated. If you love cartoons at the age of 18, you might not think that kiddie colored line drawing looks very mature to reveal at that class reunion beach party when you are thirty. Barbwire and tribal arm band tattoo victims all struggle to figure out ways to cover their tatts as well (unless they are proud to be confused with 80s hair band members, strippers, or street walkers). People who tattoo their kids names on themselves never go wrong; tattooing the name or face of a romantic interest who you don’t fully know, love, or trust provides a wonderful excuse to have to stay in that relationship way too wrong. Crappy Chinese character tattoos are always a roll of the dice to get. If you can’t read the language, don’t let someone else who most likely can’t read or write it tattoo the symbol on you.
And don’t think you are safe tattooing a date or some other cute thing on yourself. Eva Longoria tattooed her wedding day roman numerals on the inside of her wrist and then got divorced. Pam Anderson tattooed Tommy (for her husband Tommy Lee) around her wedding ring finger. While Pamela was able to have the words changed from Tommy to Mommy, Eva still has to cover her tattoo up with heavy pancake makeup.Miley Cyrus is guilty of unplanned tattoos looking random. Even Angelina Jolie fell victim to the tattoo cover up trend. And by all means, if you are having some words scrolled on you, make sure they get the spelling right, too. [Hayden Panettiere screwed up her ribcage tattoo with a spelling error. OOPS!]
Bottom line, if you want to get a classy tattoo like the one Heidi Klum got to commemorate her love for her handsome and utterly devoted husband Seal, it is going to take some time to research, plan, and get from a reputable tattoo artist. Or, you could always just run down to the local tattoo parlor, have them scroll on some bad dolphin or cat ankle tattoo, a cheesy arm band, and while you’re there you could have them scroll on some random person’s name (or two).

Friday, 9 December 2011

Demi Lovato Gets New Tattoo

Demi Lovato added a new tattoo to her already extensive collection of ink.

"Sometimes you just gotta have a little bit of....." the Disney star-turned-singer tweeted last night, along with a Picture of the word "Faith" on her arm.

She later tweeted that her father didn't know she had gotten another tattoo until he saw it on the JumboTron during her 
concert last night.

The tattoo is one of a few for Demi, who already has a feather behind her ear, the words "Stay" and "Strong" on her wrists, the phrase "You make me beautiful" on her side and a cross on her hand.

Temporary Tattoo Project Benefits Homeless, Abused Children in Kenya

The Temporary Tattoo Project, temporary tattoos, fashion philanthropy, Flying Kites, eco-fashion, sustainable fashion, green fashion, ethical fashion, sustainable style
Can getting inked—albeit temporarily—help a disadvantaged child all the way in Africa? It can with the Temporary Tattoo Project, a creative endeavor to raise money for Kenya’s 2 million homeless, orphaned, and abused children, 60,000 of whom live on the streets. Founded by Lauren Sauma and Robyn Fukumoto, the project enlisted six tattoo artists to create limited-edition works of art in support of Flying Kites, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit that provides healthcare, quality education, and empowerment to a child in need of sponsorship. Each artist was paired with a Flying Kites participant who served as the inspiration for the designs, which range from biplane-riding lions to stampeding horses to reflect that child’s hopes and dreams.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lady Gaga’s Tattoos!

Is it weird that after all the meat-dresses, headdresses, wigs, and space alien/muppet hybrid-ish outfits that Lady Gaga has worn, we were actually kind of surprised that she has tattoos? Well she does; Lady Gaga’s tattoos are: a peace sign on the inside of her leftwrist, “Little Monsters” on her left arm (a tribute to her fans), “Tokyo Love” on her leftshoulder, flowers on her left shoulder, and some more flowers on her left hip/ left buttox area, but her most talked about ink is on the inside of her left bicep. Done during a late-night run to a tattoo parlor in Japan, it’s a quote from her favorite philosopher Rainer MariaRilke. Translated from the German it’s written in, it says: “Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?”. We can relate, we often ask ourselves why we write about Lady Gaga…zing! Wait, it’s because she’s more interesting than us (*sigh*).
toyko love
lil mons

Monday, 5 December 2011

Some colour to skin

Juanita Kakoty speaks to Ami James and etches out the different strokes of ‘NY Ink’ as compared to its earlier version, ‘Miami Ink’.

Colouring in Ami James, in a still from ‘NY Ink’.Celebrity tattoo artist Ami James was the frontrunner of the hit American Reality TV series, Miami Ink. He has now moved base from South Beach, Miami to New York, where he has set up shop with an all new crew. His experience in New York is the dough for a new series — NY Ink, which premiered recently on TLC.

James speaks of how NY Ink is different from Miami Ink — “The tattoos have changed a bit. The styles of tattooing right now are a little more hip. We have, luckily, this beautiful shop in the middle of SoHo, which is in the heart of the Art District of New York City; the oldest Art District. The whole vibe of being in SoHo and being around all the art and galleries makes it the Mecca for artists. It’s like being part of a quintessential New York lifestyle and its family of artists.

TLC’s NY Ink is a lot faster paced, if you ask me. Also, we have New Yorkers in every episode, which is something that we never had in Miami Ink — New Yorkers who have stumbled onto something hard and have managed to put that behind them with a commemorative tattoo. And this season is going to be even better because we’ve got this machine as well oiled as possible.”

At this point, James reveals that, when first conceived of, the reality series was to originally begin in New York.

Circumstances made Miami the choice. “Initially when Charlie Corwin, the
producer of the show, and I met, it was in New York City. At that time, I was living in New York for 14 years, pretty much back and forth. I would do summers in New York and winters in Miami. I started tattooing in New York as much as I started tattooing in Miami. I know Miami was my first apprenticeship, but going up to New York meant learning from the other artists and being around people like Chris Garver.

Initially, the show was supposed to be New York Ink before Miami Ink. This was seven years ago and there were risks. What if the show didn’t make it? There was the fear of losing all that money. Hence, it just made more sense to go down to Miami, which meant a quarter of the price and it was still a thriving city.”

Reality show

Talking about tattooing and reality TV, James reflects, “A reality show definitely gives you a form of fame. And when fame comes, certain things are lost forever, or at least for a while. And I think you lose some of the things you used to enjoy as an artist — the freedom to just go and do your own thing, the freedom to be unperturbed by your surroundings. But, on the other side, there are perks. You’re able to provide for your family, and you’re able to start businesses. You try to become more of a grounded person who looks more into the future, rather than an artist that lives day by day. So, you lose something and you gain something. I think I was lucky that I was not very young when I got in there. I started at 33. I would’ve hated to see myself as a 22-year-old with that much fame. I think it would’ve probably killed me.”

Ami James was born on April 6, 1972; he was born and raised in Israel. “When I was 12, I moved to Miami with my mother and brother. At 17, I went back to Israel and joined the army for three years as a volunteer. It wasn’t mandatory because I wasn’t living in Israel, but since all the friends I grew up with had to do their time, I felt I should probably do the same.”

James returned to Miami when he was 20 and started his tattoo career. But, he admits, his association with tattoos started in Israel while volunteering with the army.

“I was getting tattooed by a friend and when he took a break, I tried to finish my tattoo. That was my first glimpse of tattooing.”

However, he has always been an artist ever since he can remember. “I was one of those kids who couldn’t stop playing with his crayons. I drew all day. And then, that just evolved to art though I’ve never been to any art school. I never even graduated high school. I had attention deficit disorder and a pretty good learning disability at the time. It just made more sense to drop out and go into service.”

“My art has got me by my whole life.” And James got into tattooing because he was drawn to body suits as a child, has always loved martial arts and Asian imagery.
As he says, “I enjoy doing these best. That’s my thing.”

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Temporary tattoos to find lost children

Temporary tattoos to find lost children

A concerned mother has come up with a novel solution to re-unite lost children with parents - temporary tattoos.

Virginia Lu came up with the idea of 'tottoos', which can be tailor-made to include phone numbers or details of medical conditions, after finding a missing girl at a packed football stadium.
Tottoos for children may help them be re-united with their parentsTottoos for children may help them be re-united with their parents
They can be stuck on children before families head to busy venues and wash off with soap and water.
'It's just enough information to contact the parent,' said Mrs Lu, of Washington DC