Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Women going bigger, bolder with their tattoos

Tattoo artist Amanda Crews displays her elaborate flower and diamond tattoo which spans from shoulder to shoulder at In The Flesh Body Modifications in Regina, Sask. on Sunday Mar. 18, 2012.

Tattoo artist Amanda Crews displays her elaborate flower and diamond tattoo which spans from shoulder to shoulder at In The Flesh Body Modifications in Regina, Sask. on Sunday Mar. 18, 2012.

Photograph by: Michael Bell , Regina Leader-Post

REGINA — Nearly half of Amanda Crews’ body is tattooed. One of her biggest features an aqua-coloured diamond entwined in a bed of roses that stretches across her chest from shoulder to shoulder. Two others sit just above the piece, creeping up each side of her neck and landing near her ears.
For those who don’t like what they see, Crews is unapologetic.
“I remember a time when women didn’t want to get elaborate tattoos because they thought it would take away their femininity, take away their beauty,” she said. “But nowadays, it’s considered a thing of beauty ... Having this full sleeve is making them more attractive. It’s a great mentality to have, and it’s only been in the past few years that I’ve noticed that myself.”
A recent U.S.-based poll conducted by Lightspeed Research shows more American women are getting tattooed than men. What’s more, 89 per cent of respondents said it doesn’t matter that some don’t approve of their body art.
Although similar Canadian statistics are hard to find, Ashlie Berehula, owner of the Victoria Street studio Tattoo Nebula, said the number of her female clients is rising, and those looking to get inked are going bigger and bolder. In the past six months, the number of male and female clients has nearly been equal, at 25 and 22, respectively.
She believes part of the shift comes courtesy of shows such as NY Ink and LA Ink — which features female shop owner Kat Von D covered from head to toe in black and coloured tattoos — that have led to the tattoo culture becoming more acceptable to more of the mainstream public.
“The number is rising, but it’s rising in a different way,” said Berehula, 22. “They’re getting more noticeable, bigger tattoos. Women have always been getting tattoos, they just haven’t always been this open about it as males have.”
She and Crews couldn’t be happier about that mindset. The two have always viewed tattooing as artwork, and to have a growing number share that perception gives them added fulfilment in their craft.
Crews, who is also a tattoo artist in the city, said she inks women of various ages and professions from teachers to chief executive officers to grandmothers. Some female clients also feel more comfortable having the work done by another female, she added.
Both women have been in the business for more than five years, but have considered themselves body art aficionados since their preteen years. Each has nearly 20 tattoos and they aren’t letting up any time soon.
“If I don’t tattoo my face, I expect to be a floating head on a body of art,” Crews said with a laugh.
It’s all part of the job. Not only is the number of women getting tattooed on the rise, females artists are currently a hot commodity in an industry that has long been dominated by men.
“It’s just so amazing how far we’ve come,” she said. “I think tattoos are the best way to depict yourself because you have them forever. There’s nothing more personal.”


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Airbrush Tattoos creates a “whiff” of excitement for 2012 Events

The Strawberry Studio Getting your company logo inked gives your customers the chance to be truly part of the brand. Now, temporary airbrush tattoos can be applied with your scent. Think Chanel logo with the aroma of perfume.
A creative idea for promotional branding, TAT’s are the ultimate in creating awareness. A strong marketing tool, which draws crowds at trade fairs, exhibitions and events. Companies looking to leave a lasting impression are choosing Temporary Airbrush Tattoos. A walk in tattoo parlour will be set up at some of the UK’s prestigious events this summer. You may see them at Ascot, Silverstone, Guards Polo, Henley, Wimbledon as well as festivals and fairs. They are also child friendly!
Human branding was once used as a form of torture during the middle ages. A considerable less painful version is now considered a form of body art, a walking advertisement which has a lasting impression! Usually up to 5 days!
With a whole host of our favourite celebs already covered in body art, the new trend is for a more temporary, less painful version.
Gaultier called it his “extensions of the fabric” when his models paraded down the Spring 2012 catwalk showing temp tattoos.
Safe, waterproof, non-toxic and can last for days after the occasion. TAT’s are applied, in minutes, by airbrushing ink on to a re-useable stencil, which is previously laser cut from the company logo. Customers can also choose from hundreds of designs. Unlike henna, they can also be removed instantly.

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Most Unattractive Celebrity Tattoos

As influential as celebrities as athletes may be to our society, there are just certain things that no amount of money or fame can cover up for. As the Y Generation has become some of the most heavily tattooed individuals in modern times, we can only think of how bad some of these are going to look in another 15 years.

Whether it was an impulsive and drunken decision or a tribute to someone they loved, these celebrity’s ink jobs are inexcusable. Here are some of the most unfortunate tattoos to have ever graced the body’s of celebrities:

20. Dennis Rodman
Chick with a penis

19. Nicole Richie

18. Sylvester Stallone

17. Stephen Baldwin
Hannah Montanna

16. Mark Whalberg

15. Stefan Marbury

14. Jamie Foxx
Tribal Situation

13. Jenna Jameson
Hott Mess

12. Angelina Jolie
Billy Bob Dragon

11. Megan Fox

10. Mike Tyson/Gucci Mane/Lil Wayne
ANYTHING on the face

9. Johnny Depp
Winona Forever

8. Steve-O
Self Portrait

7. Eminem
Zombie Daughter

6. David Beckham
Tramp Stamp

5.Brad Pitt

4. Reggie Miller
Riverside 909 Sunburst

3. Jermaine Dupri
Janet ‘Virgin Mary’ Jackson

2. Tom Arnold

1. Nick Cannon

An Update On Leann Rimes Tattoos

Okay, we made a mistake, let’s get that part out of the way. We recently reported that Leann Rimes has a tribal tattoo on her calf/ankle; we were wrong, sorry about that folks. We’re going to make it up to you though, because we have some new news about Leann Rimes ink. It looks like we missed the “love” tattoo on her tailbone, and since that last article “went to press” she’s had more work done. Her new tattoo is in honor of her husband Eddie Cibrian, and it says “The Only One The Matters”; it’s on her foot and we assume that it’s in place of the vows she was going to get on her ribcage. It’s a nice piece of ink, but nothing special or different; just like the rest of her tattoos and her image and career as a whole, nice but underwhelming (zing!).