Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Rita Ora's has huge inking of pinup girl on her ribcage

They’re best friends who do everything together, so it’s no surprise Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne relied on each other for moral support when they got new tattoos on Wednesday night. 
The duo, who were in New York for Fashion Week, visited celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy, who inked them with two very different etchings. 
While Cara – who already had four tattoos - chose to simply get her mother Pandora’s name tattooed on her left arm, Rita choose a huge drawing of an  Alberto Vargas pinup girl to cover her right ribcage.

Rita’s tattoo took an incredible five hours and Bang Bang called it the ‘most detailed tattoo’ he’s ever done for a celebrity.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Try Temporary Tattoos! for Halloween

Halloween isn’t just for kids! Many folks love to get into the thrill and fun of Halloween. They search for weeks prior to the holiday for the perfect costume, wildest makeup, and catchiest accessories to make sure they have the most fun possible on Halloween. However, while having fun on this day calls for people to wear costumes and paint their bodies with colorful makeup, they may not want to mark their bodies permanently just for the sake of reveling in Halloween excitement.
Rather than deal with permanent tattoos for the remainder of the year, they can enjoy their holiday and accessorize their costumes with temporary tattoos.

Temporary Tattoos

People think of temporary tattoos as being nothing more than kiddie prizes that are fished out of the bottom of a cereal box or a container of popcorn snacks. However, these tattoos, like those found online at  tattooyou.com, are created for more than just children today. Adults of all walks of life can enjoy a bit of fantasy and dress-up when they buy temporary tattoos for their Halloween enjoyment.
They can find tattoos to match just about any costume available. As they shop for their perfect temporary tattoos, they are encouraged to consider the different varieties.

Biker and Grunge Tattoos

Adults love to dress up in costumes that are beyond their normal realms of reality. It is not uncommon, for example, to see a white collar professional dressed up as a rowdy biker on Halloween. Because this white collar office worker may not have tattoos already, that individual can create a more realistic costume by wearing temporary biker tattoos.
A skull and cross bones placed strategically on this person’s forearms, a heart tattoo with the word “Mom” inscribed inside placed on their neck, or a leather strap tattoo placed around that person’s wrist could help that person look and perhaps temporarily feel like a real biker just for that Halloween evening.

Fancy and Elegant Tattoos

Because a girl may not be able to afford the real thing, she can add some glamor and elegance to her Chanel costume by wearing temporary pearl tattoos. Likewise, a woman dressed as a reigning member of one of Europe’s glitziest royal families can add sparkle and shine to her costume with temporary diamond tattoos. Rather than invest in kiddie-like costume jewelry, women can add more of a real-life elegance and beauty to their costumes with these tattoos.

Fantasy and Glitter Tattoos

People love to dress up as their favorite sci-fi or fantasy characters. Because many of these characters have glittery skins, people who dress up as these characters often want to mimic their glitter appearances. However, instead of bathing in glitter that can be difficult to remove and become ingrained in people’s carpeting at home, costume wearers instead can wear temporary tattoos that have glitter in them. They can apply these accessories to their skin without spilling glitter on the floor or getting it on their skin.
When people want to enjoy Halloween without actually having tattoos inked on their skin, they can add to their excitement and fun by wearing temporary tattoos. These temporary accessories allow them to have their holiday enjoyment without worrying about removing the marks from their bodies after Halloween ends.