Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Rihanna Cross Tattoo (Celebrity Tattoos) New Ink for Pop Star


Celebrity tattoos - New ink for pop superstar Rihanna with religious overtones - Rihanna got a new tattoo in New York City this weekend.

Ri Ri - who already has more than 20 pieces of body art - had a large ornate cross, surrounded by designs, etched on the inside of her right wrist at Bang Bang Tattoos.

The 25-year-old star visited the studio at midnight and stayed until 5am, and was spotted admiring the new tattoo, which compliments the existing tribal design on her right hand and wrist, afterwards, according to the MailOnline website.

The Barbados native had the other Indian-inspired markings on her hand incorporated into a Maori design, which she got done in October using the excruciatingly painful yet traditional Ta Moko method to mark her trip to New Zealand.

Rihanna has been having tattoos done at the studio in New York since 2007.

The ink-mad beauty's other tattoos include a Sanskrit prayer down her thigh and the word love on the middle finger of her left hand, and claims they all have spiritual meanings.

She said in the past: ''My tattoos are all spiritual and show how I feel about religion. I have a falcon which is an Egyptian falcon and is supposed to stand for God.''

Before visiting the studio, Rihanna went to see 'Lone Survivor' in the cinema on Friday night (10.01.14).

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