Friday, 3 August 2012

Pinoy Celebrity Tattoos

(SPOT.ph) The art of tattooing is a centuries-old one, with tattoos on one’s body symbolizing strength, faith and sometimes the struggles of a man (or woman)’s life. The practice has been passed down through generations, where the traditional purpose and meaning of tattoos have been elevated by colors and designs that vary in ways that our ancestors could only dream of.

Which of today's celebs have taken to getting tattooed? Check out their ink below.

The Quizons, particularly Vandolph, Boy2 and Zia

As far as we know, these tributes to their patriarch began as a birthday gift. But when Dolphy was rushed to the hospital, more of the boys decided to forever mark Dolpy on their skins. Tattoo artist Jaime Tud was asked to come to Dolphy’s wake especially to ink some of the man’s progeny. Props go to Vandolph and Boy2 for choosing a solemn image of Dolphy praying. Zia opted to have her first tattoo on the back of her neck, a seal with the initials RVQ for Rodolfo Vera Quizon.
Photos from Jaime Tud

Angel Locsin
We’ve seen Angel showing off her tats for Rogue magazine, displaying what looks like three Chinese characters on her small of her back. Lately she’s been sporting a couple of wrist tattoos, which fans tell us are Hebrew characters that mean ‘always have and always will.’ Hmmm. Could her current boyfriend Phil Younghusband have anything to do with that?

Jim Paredes
We have to say, we were a little surprised to find that APO Hiking Society singer Jim Paredes had a tattoo, although it is very awesome that he does. He describes his fox and guitar tattoo as a “symbol of music and zen.” He credits the initial guitar design to his daughter, Ala Paredes, and the floral enhancements to Totoy of Sin City Tattoos.
Photo from Pep.ph and Jim Paredes

Maggie Wilson
When we said that tattoos had plenty of symbolized meanings, we were actually thinking about Maggie’s. The model/actress wasn’t shy to share where she’s gotten inked. "I've got a Celtic cross on my neck representing my Scottish heritage,” she tells us. “My name in Arabic with my own handwriting is on the side of my right tummy, an ambigram of my husband’s name ‘Victor’ and ‘my love’, 2 Kois on either side of my pelvis; 1 representing water surrounded in fire and the other fire surrounded by water.”  The Koi fish are symbolic as Maggie’s zodiac sign is Pisces. As for the location of the ambigram, you can see that on her left hip.

Charice Pempengco
To say that Charice underwent a recent transformation is a bit of an understatement. The Youtube sensation cut off her dark locks and traded them in for dirty blonde streaks and sported a tattoo at a press conference for Pinoy X Factor. In this photo from Pep.ph, you can see that the tattoo on her right arm says ‘Love Eternally’ with the symbol for infinity in between.

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