Getting a tattoo in honor of a significant other almost always seems like a good idea at the time. Nothing says "I love you" like a little ink that will likely last a lifetime, right? Casper Smart disagrees, for now at least.
Rumors were making the rounds this week that the dancer and current beau of Jennifer Lopez had decided to show his love for the singer and "American Idol" judge by getting her named tattooed above his, uh, private parts.
However, rumors of Smart's new ink were unfounded, and he made sure to clear the air, telling a fan on Twitter the story was "very false."
Though Smart was probably smart (see what we did there?) to skip the J.Lo-lovin' ink, some other celebrities chose differently and got tats to honor their significant others, though their one-time symbols of everlasting love ended up outlasting their relationships.
Check out some photos of stars who dared to make their love permanent with tattoos honoring their now-exes:

Celebrity Tattoos For Exes

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